About chatbottech

There are a bewildering array of chatbot tools, and new ones are being created all the time. I created this site to help you choose the right one.

I have tried my best to be impartial when reviewing these tools, and I certainly don’t hold back when I see something that could be improved. I’m not paid by anyone for links to their tool.

About me

Hi, I’m Daoud! I’ve been excited about conversational interfaces ever since I watched Star Trek as a kid (although I don’t think that term existed then). I actually used to read books about parsing and grammar on holiday because I really wanted to understand this stuff. I ended up doing a PhD in computational linguistics and inventing my own theory of meaning.

I am currently working on my own chatbot platform. I feel like all the existing tools are not ambitious enough: they do not enable people to build bots that are really intelligent. I wrote a blog post about my reasoning for creating a new platform, and how I think it should be done.

I created this site for several reasons:

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to email me with any comments, questions or suggestions.