Parlo talks the talk but can it walk the walk?

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Last updated on July 02, 2018.

Parlo is a chatbot tool aimed squarely at the enterprise space. It has a flashy, enterprise-y landing page, so it must be good for big companies:

It also has a big company name behind it, having just been acquired by ServiceNow.

Marketing copy

The people who wrote the marketing copy seem to know what they’re talking about. They talk about grammar engineering, machine learning (of course) and semantic parsing. This last one is a surprise for me to see, since this is a technology that I’m particularly interested in, and haven’t seen applied to chatbots.

Are they really using semantic parsing? It’s hard to tell, since I need to prove I’m from BigCo Limited in order to be able to try it out. I’ve requested a demo, so we’ll see how we go.

All I’ve got to go on is this

In the meantime, the best I have to go on is this YouTube video:

If you can’t be bothered to watch it (you’re not missing much), basically, it’s like pretty much any other bot creator. You tell your bot what to say, and add some pretty pictures and buttons.

You also get a tree view:

What next?

Is that really it? I hope not. I’m afraid Parlo won’t get a higher score until I get some proof that it’s more capable than the video above indicates.

I don’t know how much Parlo costs, but I’m guessing it ain’t cheap. If you want an alternative, there are popular chatbot builders like Chatfuel and in fact a whole host of other options.

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