ManyChat is a great tool for marketers, but it's not the only option

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Last updated on July 02, 2018.

I like ManyChat because it is easy to use, it focuses on doing one thing and doing it well. It is targeted at marketers and only works with the Facebook Messenger platform. This makes sense because in my opinion there is a huge opportunity for Messenger marketing.

It also has a nice landing page design:

Getting going

The basic setup can literally be done in five minutes. And for many marketing applications it’s not a bad start. Admittedly all you get is a welcome message and the ability to broadcast messages to people. But for marketing purposes, you don’t need much else.

Actually there is more for those who need it. You can specify a default reply, the standard one provided allows users to say they want to talk to a human. If the user clicks this, you get a notification and can respond directly. This is a very useful feature.

Triggers and tags

You can also match keywords in the user’s query. You can trigger actions to be taken on these keywords, such as adding a tag to the user, subscribing the user to a sequence, or notifying an admin user (only available in the Pro option). You can specify a reply to be sent to the user, which can include text, or an image, card, gallery, list, audio, video or file.

Bot building

There is a “Basic Builder” for simple bot interactions, and a “Flow Builder” to allow a complex flow of interactions to be constructed. As with Chatfuel, you can specify buttons and define actions to be taken when the user presses a button, such as sending a message, or triggering the start of another “flow”.

The fact that the platform is restricted to Messenger means that bots built with this tool will make appropriate use of Messenger features, in particular the Messenger “quick reply” buttons. As with Chatfuel, this is a big benefit: users engage much more with a bot when they don’t have to type.

As with any of these flow-based bot builders, you will not build a super-intelligent bot - but you may well build a useable one.


Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on the number of “subscribers” to your bot:

There is also a free option that displays “Powered by ManyChat” in the bot’s persistent menu. You probably don’t want that if you’re using this professionally.

What next?

ManyChat is a great tool for marketers. There are other options however - you might want to look at MobileMonkey which has a similar feature set and is aimed at the same market. Otherwise, there are plenty of tools aimed at non-technical users that provide similar features, even if they are not aimed directly at marketers.

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